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Advantages of vacuum cleaner
10 September 2021

Advantages of vacuum cleanerUsing a vacuum cleaner can uniformly suck away dust and garbage, which greatly saves our cleaning time, and avoids the impact of dust on the indoor environment. Furthermore, it also reduces the chance of family members suffering from respiratory diseases. So what are the

Advantages of tank vacuum cleaner
07 September 2021

Advantages of tank vacuum cleanerThe tank vacuum cleaner is a kind of dust removal tool, which is composed of a suction head and a lower part of the dust collection bucket. This type of vacuum cleaner is a commercial vacuum cleaner, used by many cleaning companies, hotels, and office buildings. It i

New pond vacuum cleaner with pump
30 March 2021

Wise Mechanic now is having its new pond vacuum cleaner with stainless steel tank and pump inside. Old NewPlastic tank without pump stainless steel tank with pump The pond vacuum cleaner is designed for swimming pool and pond cleaning.The old pond one ca

Fast increasing for export and turnover in 2020
30 March 2021

Though in 2020, the whole world is in great difficulty due to COVID-19, Wise mechanic still make a big increasing for export and turnover.Export qty. in 2019: 280051pcs Export qty. in 2020: 378385pcs Increasing rate: 35.11% Turnover in 2019: USD5,500,000 Turnover in 2020: USD7,500,000 Incr

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