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Benefits of ash vacuum cleaner
30 March 2022

When in use, we use the vacuum principle of the ash vacuum cleaner. The motor rotates at a high speed to form a pressure difference with the outside so that the dusty air enters the ash vacuum cleaner, and then the dust is separated by filtering the dust and the dust is left in the dust cup or dust

Advantages of water dust vacuum cleaner
28 March 2022

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are mainly used in some heavy-duty cleaning tasks. The main reason is that they can suck liquid and solid at the same time. Next, this article will introduce you to some of the advantages of water dust vacuum cleaners.Here is the content list:l Advantages of water dust v

Advantages of column vacuum cleaner
25 March 2022

A cleaning appliance that uses a motor to drive a fan to generate negative pressure for dust removal, referred to as a vacuum cleaner. The column vacuum cleaner does not make the dust fly when it works and can absorb dust in the gap and on the carpet that is not easy to remove. It is convenient and

Principle of ash vacuum cleaner
11 November 2021

Principle of ash vacuum cleanerAsh vacuum cleaners can be divided into vertical, horizontal, and portable according to their structure. The working principle of the ash vacuum cleaner is to use a motor to drive the blades to rotate at a high speed, generate negative air pressure in the sealed casing

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