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Advantages of column vacuum cleaner

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A cleaning appliance that uses a motor to drive a fan to generate negative pressure for dust removal, referred to as a vacuum cleaner. The column vacuum cleaner does not make the dust fly when it works and can absorb dust in the gap and on the carpet that is not easy to remove. It is convenient and hygienic and is widely used in homes and public places. So what are the advantages of column vacuum cleaner?

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  • Introduction to column vacuum cleaner

  • Advantages of column vacuum cleaner

  • Filtration method of column vacuum cleaner

Introduction to column vacuum cleaner

To understand the advantages of a column vacuum cleaner, it is best to understand its introduction. Vertical vacuum cleaners in our country have a history of 100 years. For many people, it has become an indispensable household device. The current controls the operation of the motor. A fan is attached to the motor, and the fan blades have a certain angle, just like the propeller of an airplane. When the fan blades rotate, they push air all the way to the exhaust port. When air particles are pushed forward, the particle density in front of the fan will increase, and the air pressure will increase accordingly, while the particle density behind the fan will decrease. The pressure drop behind the fan is the same as the pressure drop in the straw when you take a drink. The pressure behind the fan is lower than the pressure outside the vacuum cleaner, which is the ambient air pressure. This creates a suction force inside the column vacuum cleaner, that is, a partial vacuum.

Advantages of column vacuum cleaner

1. The column vacuum cleaner has a unique bionic and smart shape, streamlined appearance design, light and convenient, elegant and generous.

2. Triple filtration, environmental protection, and safety. The column vacuum cleaner adopts multiple filtering devices, which can not only completely absorb the dust, but also ensure that the exhaust air is clean, and effectively inhibit viruses and bacteria to avoid secondary pollution.

3. Portable design, easy to use. The column vacuum cleaner has a large button to prevent customers from finding the switch to operate when using it.

4. This type of vacuum cleaner has an advanced HEPA super filter system, which filters dust efficiently, effectively improves the air quality in the room, and ensures the health of the family.

5. The column vacuum cleaner adopts a new type of roller floor brush, which is convenient to move and improves efficiency. It is also equipped with a variety of suction heads, which can be used in one machine.

Filtration method of column vacuum cleaner

Dust bag filtration: The dust bag filter is filtered through filter materials such as dust bags and HEPA, but the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner must be replaced frequently because the dust bag can filter out 99.99% of particles as low as 0.3 microns in size. To replace the dust bag, use the dust bag as the filter feature, which is convenient to clean and does not need to be cleaned every day.

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