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How to buy a vacuum cleaner correctly

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With the development and progress of science and technology, daily cleaning methods are constantly being updated. The appearance of vacuum cleaners has gradually replaced brooms and has become the main tool for household cleaning. So how to buy a vacuum cleaner correctly?

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Vacuum cleaners are divided by shape

Purchase attention

Vacuum cleaners are divided by shape

1. Horizontal vacuum cleaner

The horizontal vacuum cleaner is rectangular or car-shaped and has two parts, the front part is the dust box, and the rear part is the motor part. The vacuum cleaner types that are more common in the Asian and European markets account for more than 80% of the overall market. It is characterized by small size and convenient storage.

2. Upright vacuum cleaner

Vertical vacuum cleaners are mostly barrel-shaped or square, divided into upper and lower parts, the upper part is equipped with a motor, which is the power part, and the lower part is a dust box. This type of vacuum cleaner is more common in the American market and is suitable for cleaning large-area carpets.

3. Handheld vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is compact and very convenient to carry and use. It is mainly used for cleaning in the car and has good effects on keyboards and electrical appliances. The disadvantage is that the power is small, the suction is not strong enough.

4. Bucket vacuum cleaner

The main commercial vacuum cleaner for cleaning companies, hotels, and office buildings. They are characterized by large capacity and water absorption.

5. Push rod vacuum cleaner

Nowadays, the number is gradually increasing, most of which are rechargeable, characterized by small size and convenient use.

Purchase attention

1. Check whether the vacuum cleaner to be purchased has the 3C certification mark.

2. The electrical parameters that should be on the nameplate of the vacuum cleaner are complete (power supply voltage, power supply nature symbol, power supply frequency, power manufacturer or trademark, etc.).

3. The packaging box of the vacuum cleaner produced by the regular manufacturer is neat and firm, the manual, the certificate, the warranty certificate must be complete, the accessories are complete, the appearance is smooth, and the appearance is elegant.

4. All parts of the vacuum cleaner should be connected tightly, especially the junction between the dust collection port and the power part. The inspection method is: turn on the power switch and close the joint with your hand. If there is no feeling of air leakage, the airtightness is good, otherwise, it is poor. A vacuum cleaner with a poor seal not only has a poor dust collection effect but also consumes a lot of power.

5. The vacuum cleaner is a motor that drives the fan blades to generate negative pressure. Therefore, when distinguishing its dust removal performance, turn on the power and approach the dust suction port with your hand, and there is an obvious suction force (into the box). If the suction power is greater, it means that the appliance has a better dust or water absorption effect. Otherwise, it is not.

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