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How to use the wet dry vacuum cleaner

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The wet dry vacuum cleaner is a kind of cleaning equipment that can absorb dust and sewage. Widely used in industrial and commercial, is the common cleaning equipment. So how to use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner?

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l Principle of wet dry vacuum cleaner

l How to use a wet dry vacuum cleaner

l The function of wet dry vacuum cleaner

Principle of wet dry vacuum cleaner

To understand how to use wet dry vacuum cleaners, it is best to understand its principles. The difference between the working principle of wet dry vacuum cleaners and ordinary vacuum cleaners is that there is an extra centrifugal chamber. When dust, air, and water are sucked into the centrifugal chamber, the heavier water is rotated at a high speed and thrown behind the inner wall of the centrifugal chamber. It flows into the collecting bucket below, and the lighter dust and air enter the filter bag to filter the dust after passing through the centrifugal chamber. Industrial vacuum cleaner filter medium is mainly used to separate solids and air. Common industrial vacuum cleaners on the market generally have one-stage filtration or two-stage filtration. For example, the wet dry vacuum cleaner is a filter element with a single weight of filter material, and the dry type is a dual filtration system through a filter element and a filter bag. The general filtration accuracy of the filter element is about 10 microns.

How to use a wet dry vacuum cleaner

When using a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, if you just suck more water or a lot of water, you need to take out the dust filter and the filter. This type of vacuum cleaner will have protective measures. When the vacuum cleaner is full, the suction power will decrease, that is, it will not suck. At this time, you need to turn off the power switch and clean the contents of the barrel in time. If you are sucking a small amount of wet and dry mixture, you don't need to remove the filter device. This is mainly based on the amount. The vacuum cleaner can be cleaned in time after absorbing dry and wet objects after use. The filter device can be washed with water and needs to be dried before use.

The function of wet dry vacuum cleaner

1. The wet dry vacuum cleaner uses the water in its water tank as a filter medium for dust. When dust, garbage, and other debris are sucked into the water tank by the powerful suction of the vacuum cleaner, most of the debris is dissolved and locked in the water tank. in;

2. During the cleaning process, the wet dry vacuum cleaner uses water to splash the ground to prevent dust from overflowing when vacuuming and then uses the water purification function in the water tank to inhale allergens and bacteria, and other microorganisms to dissolve them.

3.wet dry vacuum cleaner in the high-efficiency filter foam material may be further filtered and adsorbed impurities, wet dry vacuum cleaner multiple filter system can ensure efficient water filtration.

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