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What is a wet dry vacuum cleaner?

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The wet dry vacuum cleaner is also known as the vacuum cleaner. As the name implies, the wet dry vacuum cleaner has both functions of vacuuming and absorbing water. Ordinary vacuum cleaners generally can only absorb dry media with less water content, while wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb oil and water generated during processing. So let us understand in more detail what is a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

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l Principle of wet dry vacuum cleaner

l Attention should be paid to the daily maintenance of wet dry vacuum cleaners


Principle of wet dry vacuum cleaner

The difference between the working principle of wet dry vacuum cleaners and ordinary vacuum cleaners is the addition of a centrifugal chamber. When dust, air, and water are sucked into the centrifugal chamber, the heavy water is rotated at a high speed, thrown to the inner wall of the centrifugal chamber, and flows into the water collecting bucket below. Lighter dust and air by the centrifugal chamber into the bag filter dust. industrial vacuum cleaners mainly use filter media to separate solids and air. Common industrial vacuum cleaners on the market generally have one-stage filtration or two-stage filtration. For example, wet dry vacuum cleaners use a single-weight filter element with filter material. In the filter bag double filtration system, the general filtration accuracy of the filter element is about 10 microns.

Attention should be paid to the daily maintenance of wet dry vacuum cleaners

1. Clean up the debris in the bucket and all vacuum accessories in time, clean the dust bag of the wet dry vacuum cleaner after each work, check for perforations or air leakage, and thoroughly clean the dust grid and dust bag with detergent and warm water, and Blow dry, and it is strictly forbidden to use dusty dust bags that are not dry.

2. Check whether the power cord and plug of the wet dry vacuum cleaner are damaged. After use, the power coil wound in a bundle, hanging on the hook of the headcover.

3 After the water absorption is completed, check whether the air inlet of the wet dry vacuum cleaner is blocked or debris, otherwise it needs to be cleaned. Check for damaged buoys.

4. Use wet dry vacuum cleaners to be handled with care, and cannot be impacted by external forces.

5.When cleaning the wet dry vacuum cleaner, please wipe it with a damp cloth containing water or a neutral detergent. The head of the main unit must not be immersed in water for cleaning. Do not use gasoline or bananas, water, and other corrosive cleaning agents, otherwise, it will lead to shell cracking.

6.Do not leave the wet dry vacuum cleaner in a long-term continuous working state. Please control the continuous working time within 2 hours, otherwise, it will affect the life of the machine.

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