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What is the development process of swimming pool vacuum cleaners?

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The swimming pool vacuum cleaner industry is now in a booming era, so if you want to invest in the swimming pool vacuum cleaner industry, is it reliable? What is the future development expectation? Let us understand the development process of the swimming pool vacuum cleaner industry together.

Here is the content list:

l Initial stage

l Development period

l Maturity


Initial stage

No matter what industry has a start, and the swimming pool vacuum cleaner industry has been developing in China for more than ten years. From the first few companies to the booming development now, the changes are amazing. In the early days, the swimming pool equipment in our country was imported from abroad, and the price was relatively expensive. Generally, only a large gymnasium or a high-end hotel would build a swimming pool. It was very difficult for the swimming enthusiasts at that time to find a swimming place. At that time, domestic technology was relatively poor, and the start was relatively late. Therefore, in the early stage, we continued to introduce foreign swimming pool vacuum cleaners and learn their advanced technology.

Development period

Since 2000, most industries have entered a period of rapid development, and the swimming pool equipment industry is the same. Through the process of continuous introduction and learning in the initial stage, I slowly imitated foreign equipment and technology and began to develop and produce on its own. Therefore, there began to have a swimming pool vacuum cleaner equipment manufacturer, but the technology was poor at the beginning, and most of the equipment still needs to be imported.

Due to the huge demand in the domestic market and huge profits, many people are slowly beginning to invest in this industry. With the improvement of technology, the level of swimming pool vacuums cleaner equipment produced by many manufacturers is similar to that of foreign countries and has effectively reduced the cost, so the imported equipment from abroad is gradually reduced. Due to the high competitiveness of the industry, some manufacturers label their swimming pool vacuum cleaners with imports to make a profit, which requires users to identify themselves.


Now the swimming pool vacuum cleaner industry in my country is relatively mature, and there are many manufacturers. Therefore, many manufacturers have turned their markets to foreign markets and are mainly exporting. Especially for some accessories of swimming pool equipment, our country's productivity is very developed and the product quality is high, so export can increase corporate profits. Nowadays, swimming pools in our country can be said to be very common, especially large and small swimming pools. There are many swimming pools in various cities, and the swimming pool vacuum cleaner equipment used in them also ensures the sanitation of the pool.

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