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What should I pay attention to when using the vacuum cleaner?

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The swimming pool vacuum cleaner is a swimming pool cleaning tool. Use the vacuum cleaner to suck away the tiny dust at the bottom of the pool to keep the pool clean. So, what should we pay attention to when using a swimming pool vacuum cleaner? Here are some introductions.

Here is the content list:

l Intermittent use

l Check for abnormal conditions in time

l Clean up detritus from the vacuum bag

l Avoid dangerous merchandise

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Intermittent use

Fasten the hose, suction nozzle, and rod interface once victimization, particularly tiny gap suction nozzles, floor brushes, etc. Pay special attention to if you employ it for an extended time, you must stop each 0.5 associate degree hour. Generally, continuous work mustn't exceed hours. Otherwise, continuous work can cause the motor to overheat. If the swimming pool vacuum cleaner doesn't have automatic cooling protection, it's simple to burn the motor and have an effect on the service life of the swimming pool vacuum cleaner. If the host becomes hot, emits a burning smell, or has abnormal vibrations and noises, it ought to be repaired in time.

Check for abnormal conditions in time

When there's abnormal noise once vacuuming, or once not vacuuming, check it in time, or place the home appliance to concentrate to that, and place it in a very dry place. don't wipe the switch with a moist fabric once improvement, otherwise, it's going to cause escape or a brief circuit. The motor has the operation of heating and equipment failure protection. This is self-protection of the swimming pool vacuum cleaner, not a problem. When the swimming pool vacuum cleaner is turned on, the motor runs at high speed, and an exact quantity of warmth is generated.

Clean up detritus from the vacuum bag

After use, you must stop working the detritus within the barrel, all vacuum accessories, and mud baggage in time. And clean when every work, check for perforations or air leaks and clean the dirt grid and mud bag with detergent and heat water, and air dry, don't use non-dry dirt grid vacuum bag. watch out to not fold the hose often, don't over-stretch or bend it, and store the home appliance in a very ventilated and dry place.

Avoid dangerous merchandise

Swimming pool vacuum cleaners are generally used to clean up small debris, and large pieces of garbage are best cleaned up with a broom before using the swimming pool vacuum cleaner. This can effectively prevent sharp objects from entering home appliances and damaging the motors. Do not use household appliances to absorb oil, banana water, cigarette butts with fireplaces, broken glass, needles, nails, etc., and do not absorb moisture, liquids, sticky objects, or soil containing metal powder to avoid damage to household appliances and accidents. During use, if a foreign body is found to block the straw, it should be packaged and inspected immediately, and the foreign body must be removed before continuing to use.

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