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How to clean the ash vacuum cleaner?
07 June 2022

The air in the dust suction port at the front end of the ash vacuum cleaner blower continuously replenishes the air in the impeller, resulting in the formation of an instantaneous vacuum in the dust suction part, that is, a relatively high negative pressure difference between the dust suction port and the outside atmosphere. Under the action of this negative pressure difference, Garbage and dust remain in the ash storage box, and the air is filtered and then discharged from the ash vacuum cleaner into the room. So let us introduce how to clean the ash vacuum cleaner.

How to classify ash vacuum cleaners
03 June 2022

The ash vacuum cleaner uses the high-speed rotation of the motor to form a vacuum in the main body, and the resulting high-speed airflow is used to suck in the garbage from the suction port of the ash vacuum cleaner. At this time, the speed of the airflow is as high as 240 revolutions per hour, and pests such as lice enter the main body of the ash vacuum cleaner and die due to high-speed collision against the inner wall of the vacuum tube. Then let’s introduce how to classify ash vacuum cleaners. Here is the content list: How to classify ash vacuum cleaners What do we need to pay attention to when we use an ash vacuum cleaner

How to choose a swimming pool vacuum cleaner?
30 May 2022

After the swimming pool is used for some time, there will be a layer of dirt on the bottom and around the pool, which is particularly slippery and difficult to clean. Don't worry about this anymore, the swimming pool vacuum cleaner appears. The swimming pool vacuum cleaner can clean the pool underwater. It is not only easy to operate, first-class in use, but also environmentally friendly and durable, and is particularly cost-effective. But faced with a dazzling array of products and brands, many people don't know how to buy. Today, I will talk to you about how to buy a useful swimming pool vacuum cleaner​. Here is the content list: Product type Endurance Suction

How to buy a vacuum cleaner correctly
24 May 2022

With the development and progress of science and technology, daily cleaning methods are constantly being updated. The appearance of vacuum cleaners has gradually replaced brooms and has become the main tool for household cleaning. So how to buy a vacuum cleaner correctly? Here is the content list: Vacuum cleaners are divided by shape Purchase attention

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